About Myself

I have always had a passion for design. My inspiration began when I started doing designs in elementary school. When I decided on what to design, I envisioned what it would look like and then began to process it. Then, I took those ideas and put them on paper and/or online and it all became reality. My teachers were so impressed with my projects, they enrolled me in some major art classes. Throughout that time, my designs were shown in art exhibits, college museums and have won numerous student awards.

To take my goal to a superior level, after graduating from high school, I enrolled in the Digital Media Academy program at Pinellas Technical College (PTC). Throughout my five years at PTC, my designs excelled. I have recently graduated from PTC with a Certificate of Completion in Web Development, as well as being an Adobe Certified Associate.

As I have imagined, my passion and training and hard work has paid off and has facilitated my becoming a professional in the web/graphic design industry.

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